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Nueces County WCID#3's mission is to provide safe and reliable water to our community in an economical, efficient and responsible manner, now and in the future.

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Water Rate Increase Effective June 15, 2022

April 29, 2022

On April 13, 2022, the Nueces County Water Control and Improvement District #3 Board of Directors adopted a rate increase effective June 15, 2022.  This increase will be reflected beginning on your June water bill for the billing cycle of June 15th – July 15th.  The rates are designed to recover the District’s costs of water including purchase, treatment, and distribution; funding infrastructure projects; and maintaining sufficient financial reserves.  The new rates were developed as part of a water rate study prepared by NewGen Strategies & Solutions, LLC with the goal being to maintain adequate funding for ongoing operations, funding needed capital improvements, and adhering to the...

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Welcome to Winter - Are Your Pipes Ready?

Welcome to Winter - Are Your Pipes Ready?

January 03, 2023

Can you flush your toilet if your pipes are frozen? ...Talk about questions you “wish” you had asked!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is that wonderful time of year when the worst of winter is looming upon us. And the Farmer’s Almanac has been warning us that the winter of 2023 will be both long and cold. So, we ask you… are your pipes ready? 

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