Contact Us

At Nueces County WCID #3, we are committed to providing you the best and most reliable service possible. Please feel free to send us an email using the contact form below or give us a call.  We subscribe to a common set of values.  In applying these values, we practice a broad code of beliefs.

HONESTY - Be fair, straightforward and factual.

INTEGRITY - Respect, support and follow the values, beliefs and ethics of the District.

PUBLIC TRUST - Honor & promote public confidence through assured reliance on our character, ability & strength of purpose.

RESPONSIBILITY - Be accountable for one’s conduct and obligation.

LOYALTY - Be faithful to the District and its employees

COURTESY - Be considerate, cooperative and charitable


Instructions for Disconnection of Service(s) via website:  


Request(s) must be made to the “Billing Department” from the drop down menu below and include in the message box ALL items listed.  Missing information may cause delays.  If request can not be processed, the disconnection must be handled in the office during regular business hours.  


Please include:

          1.  Customer Name and Account Number.

          2.   Service address.

          3.   Date of disconnection.

          4.   ID number that matches the ID on file.

          5.   Forwarding address.

          6.   Phone number, where you may be reached if further information is required.  


E-mail correspondence is maintained in accordance with applicable provisions of State law and may be considered public records. Public disclosure of your communication may be required.